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Wirnpa Area 3

Jonah Bennett


  • Year


  • Medium

    Acrylic on canvas

  • Size

    76 x 46cm

"It’s all about back home, all through Wirnpa in the Percival Lakes regions. Back and forwards in the hunting ground and passing through the big hills. Meeting other family in that area to where my great grandfather was walking through and my Nanna Yikartu Bumba, she was there then back in the old days when old lady Weaver Jack was there. I see Yikartu painting, it is a similar area but different style. I am always inspired by her, she tells us a lot of stories from back home when she was young and hunting all around that area. Weaver Jack was also telling me lots of stories for that area, she was a good artist, I call her like a daughter (Martu way). "

Exhibition Artist Jonah Bennett

  • Born

    1981, Derby

  • Lives & Works


I was born in Derby and grew up my childhood in Bidyadanga and then moved to Broome and did school there and then up to Darwin.

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