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Two Little Sisters

Richard Bloomer


  • Year


  • Medium

    Natural ochre and pigments on canvas

  • Size

    60 x 80cm

"A rainbow snake travelled from Gimoorl Country and created a river going towards Woombanji Country (Jamindjung). The rainbow snake turned into an old man. He met up with two sisters and he asked if one of the sisters could be his promised wife, but she refused. He kept both the sisters as his wives then and held them down in the water and then he sunbathed them. He saw a honey sucker and asked him for tucker for his wives but the honey sucker didn’t listen instead he flew away. The honey sucker dived in the water and had his own food. The old man asked him again but the honeysucker ignored them. He then saw two brolgas and asked them to empty the river with coolamans. They did this then when the honey sucker came back he dived straight in the river but there was no water and he hit the bottom. He wondered where all the water had gone, but the two brolgas took all the water from the river and were flying around on top with two coolamans. The honeysucker then saw a frog in the dry creek bed. He told the frog the brolgas took all the water away from the river in both coolamans. The frog made a spear and speared both coolamans. The coolamans and the water poured down and filled the riverbed with water again. There was a small bat hanging around watching the two girls. The bat followed the old man with his two wives back to Gimoorl where they stayed in a cave. As the old man and his wives where asleep the bat made a spear and speared the old man and the two wives fled back upstream and formed into two hills. The hills stand there today." In this painting Richard has depicted the two sisters, one of the brolgas, and the Woombanji River.

Exhibition Artist Richard Bloomer

  • Born

    1972, Darwin

  • Lives & Works


Richard Bloomer was born in Darwin and lives in Kununurra. He began working at Waringarri Aboriginal Arts as a studio support worker in 2011.

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