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Something Between Us

Joel Gailer


Something Between Us connects the three-dimensional digital space of Augmented Reality to a real-world print on paper. Seeking to explore the space between antique media and current visual media technology; a printing press and Augmented Reality, Gailer finds ample conceptual and material overlap. “ I see a space between oppositions, a space where binaries are softened. Some have referred to this space as the bind, the spine of a book. I am trying to explore this space.”

The work is both print and digital application. It can be consumed freely as an experience, publicly collected as an unlimited print (available to purchase here) or privately acquired as a digital application. If you are interested in purchasing the rights to the digital app, please enquire via [email protected].

Something Between Us is an attempt diversify the binary oppositions of old and new, public and private, material and immaterial. It is one of 51 works selected as finalists in the 2021 Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award. Printed by Amethyst Costello.

Printmaker Joel Gailer

Joel Gailer is one of 51 finalists selected for the 2021 Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award.

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Joel Gailer

Product Information

  • Size

    51cm w x 42cm h

  • Made


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