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Odd Shapes Earrings | Sterling Silver

Rose Megirian
The Odd Shape earrings are made from 100% sterling silver. Each pair is individually hand crafted by designer/maker Rose Megirian in her Fremantle studio.  Each earring is roughly 4cm long. Oxidised sterling silver has a lovely matte black surface with a gun metal lustre.  The process of oxidising silver turns the metal's surface black.  This treatment is called a patina which is a surface treatment and does not change the internal characteristics of the metal. As any surface treatment, it will wear off over time and use to show the metal underneath. This will happen at varying speeds depending on how regularly the piece is worn and how much it rubs against clothes and skin.  When you purchase an oxidised piece, expect it to wear back and polish up, so relax and enjoy the way its surface evolves over time. The hand made nature of this product means that each pair is unique.

This product is no longer available for purchase.

Paper Rose Megirian

As a highly skilled artisan with an academic background in design and psychology, Rose is particularly interested in the intersection between design and wellbeing

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Rose Megirian

Product Information

  • Materials

    Sterling Silver

  • Size

    approx 4cm

  • Made


visit FOUND at Fremantle Arts Centre

Open 9am–5pm, 7 days


1 Finnerty Street
Western Australia