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Niminjarra (going home)

Desmond Taylor


  • Year


  • Medium

    acrylic on arches paper

  • Size

    65 x 50 cm

Jila Kujarra | Niminjarra Jukurrpa Jila Kujarra or Two Snakes Dreaming is an important Jukurrpa, or Dreaming narrative connected to Ngayartukujarra or Ngayartu Kujarra, also known as Lake Dora, a glimmering white warla (salt lake) situated between the Great Sandy and Gibson Deserts on Martu Ngurra (home, Country). On the eastern edge of this stunning seasonal lake, which connects outwardly to a network of rock holes, all with their own song and ceremony, sits Punmu Community, home to Martu custodians who have kept these places safe, since the very beginning. Jukurrpa is sometimes a difficult word to translate. It speaks to the time of creation upon the island continent we now know as Australia, a place, or many places which has been known by so many other names throughout the course of history, names held safe by First Peoples. Jukurrpa also speaks to a timeless and placeless spiritual realm, accessed through custom, story, song and ceremony. The Jukurrpa of First People weave a complex interconnected web across, through and around this continent - in learning about them, we are able to understand the nuanced and layered histories of the lands we all live within and upon, that predate recently colonial. © Courtesy the artists. A collaborative project between the artists, Fremantle Arts Centre and Martumili Artists, 2020-22.

Jila Kujarra | Two Snakes Dreaming Desmond Taylor

  • Born

    b. 1964, Oakover River, Martu Ngurra, Western Australia

  • Lives & Works

    Newman, WA

Desmond Taylor is Manyjilyjarra and Warnman man. He primarily paints his family’s ngurra (Country) around Karlamilyi (Rudall River) and the creation narratives for that Country, especially the Ngayartakujarra Jukurrpa (Dreaming) stories, and the associated narratives of the Jila Kujarra, narratives as enduring as the continent we live upon, kept safe by Warnman people for us all to share.

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Desmond Taylor

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