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Lidded Tripod Vessel | Small

Janis Heston


This work is a celebration of the power of fire on earth. Fire has traditionally been the means of transforming clay from earth into an immutable material of functionality and beauty. These simple forms are the canvas to showcase the beauty of fire in that process. They are coated with many layers of Terra Sigillata which is a very fine particle liquid clay slip. Each layer is individually burnished to build up a lustrous surface which enhances the effects of the firing process. They are fired at a low temperature to maintain porosity and allow the development of the surface effects during the firing process. The pieces are fired in their own individual containers with various combustible materials and minerals to obtain the effects desired. A piece may be fired many times before the desired results are achieved. After the firing the pieces are then waxed and polished to further enhance the colours and surface. The surface can be maintained by further application of wax and polishing.

Ceramicist Janis Heston

Janis Heston is a highly skilled and experienced ceramicist making artistic and functional pieces with a focus on raku fired containers and reliquaries. 

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Janis Heston

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