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Irukili (to be engulfed by magical forces)

Daniel O'Shane


This work is a follow-up to O’Shane’s smaller print Keiyara Adgiz (Crayfish Creation Story). It has been carved onto flooring vinyl by the artist and printed in Pantone Black with Scott-Tremblay Master Inks. O’Shane writes of this creation story:
"Keiyari, a young Meuram makrem from east Erub Island spends a day of trading with his male companions in villages on the west coast. Sending them home, Keiyari says he will not return until he finds a wife. Claiming he is too ill to travel home to Bikar-Paikai by himself, Keiyari convinces Tekei to allow her two beautiful Saisarem daughters to assist him, each shouldering an arm. Upon returning, he amazes his mother, Mair, by announcing that he is marrying the two sisters Imermer and Kikemermer. Incredulous and enraged, they bolt towards home with Keiyari in close pursuit – as they fought, a magical force interfered and transformed Keiyari into a crayfish, its battle scars seen as black dots where Tekei’s digging stick (kuseker) bruises him on both sides, while Tekei metamorphoses into a flowering cod and the two sisters into black rocks."
Irukili (to be engulfed by magical forces) is one of 51 works selected as finalists in the 2021 Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award. Printed by Theo Tremblay (Editions Tremblay NFP).

Artist Daniel O'Shane

Daniel O'Shane is one of 51 finalists selected for the 2021 Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award.

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Daniel O'Shane

Product Information

  • Materials

    Vinylcut relief print

  • Size

    114cm h x 218cm w

  • Made


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