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Got to Go By the Skin Colour

Michael Banks


  • Year


  • Medium

    Acrylic on canvas

  • Size

    40 x 50cm

“All them old people go around hunting and all that. They go around be aware of someone there, they don’t go there, they watching you, be hiding on the other side of the bushes. They just look, something like that. When they take off with the woman. They go for the woman. From different country. That woman’s father and mother there, be watching them, wanted dead or alive. The wrong skin colour. Tribal lore. Got to go by the skin colour.”

Exhibition Artist Michael Banks

  • Born

    1962, Leonora

  • Lives & Works

    Ballajura, Perth

Banks began painting at a very young age, learning under the guidance of his old people, as Banks’ states “in the bush school,” watching his old people, how they moved their brushes. Banks primarily uses acrylic and watercolour to create figurative Western-style landscapes and portraits.

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