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Gleaming Decay No.2 | 2021

Wuthigrai Siriphon


Decomposition is normally associated with a negative feeling, that of sorrow. These artworks present decay as positive, being a part of the circle of life, incarnation and the start of a new stage. The composition is adopted from a worn-down mural painting of Wat Yai Suwannaram, Phetchaburi province in Thailand.

The jewel beetle wings used in the weaving are native to Thailand. The wings are collected for their outer, hard, and iridescent wings (elytra) and have been used in crafts and embroidery for hundreds of years in many countries including Thailand and India.

Assisted by: Sasicha Srijanchom, Thadched Prabpram, Janejira Wunkon. Supported by the Royal Thai Embassy.

This work is part of the Indian Ocean Craft Triennial exhibition Curiosity and Rituals of the Everyday.

Artist Wuthigrai Siriphon

Dr Wuthigrai Siriphon is an award-winning weaver, designer and a researcher based in Thailand. His works explore ways to rethink and revitalise traditional crafts while balancing between the integrity of the tradition and the exploratory approach to the practice.

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Wuthigrai Siriphon

Product Information

  • Materials

    bamboo, yarn and jewel beetle wings

  • Size

    312 x 200cm

  • Made

    Pathumthani, Thailand

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