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Future Landscape #1–#4

Lesley Duxbury


The motivation for Future Landscape #1 – #4 was the devastating bushfires of 2019/2020 in NSW and Victoria, which left vast tracts of smouldered forests and unrecognisable landscapes. Duxbury says of her work: “What was once green and alive with wildlife is monochrome and dead. Nowhere on earth is safe from the effects of global warming. It is said that Mars once looked like our earth but the equivalent of climate change rendered it dry, dusty and lifeless.” In these prints Duxbury has represented the ravaged environment with images of volcanic, treeless landscapes currently found on earth and annotated each with a phrase that describes the surface of Mars to indicate the semblance of our respective fates. Future Landscape #1 – #4  is one of 51 works selected as finalists in the 2021 Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award.

Artist Lesley Duxbury

Lesley Duxbury is one of 51 finalists selected for the 2021 Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award.

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Lesley Duxbury

Product Information

  • Materials

    Photo-etching and inkjet print

  • Size

    40cm h x 133cm w

  • Made


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