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Erased Biographies

Judith Martinez Estrada


Erased Biographies consists of a selection of eight photographic portraits of unknown subjects sourced from antique vernacular photographs, printed on copper, a substrate which has an extensive history in printmaking, used in etching traditionally as a matrix. Martinez Estrada says of the work: “I chose copper as the substrate for this series due to the metaphor of linking a chemical element which is malleable, adaptable and resilient, to represent memory and ephemerality. The substrate becomes as important as the image itself, for it is the materiality of the surface which completes the work, each piece is transformed by being polished, sandblasted and having different levels of patina applied on its surface. Copper is not only traditionally used as a matrix in printmaking, but is also a conductor — of heat and electricity, and used in telecommunications to carry our voices. It is the material’s idiosyncratic qualities which formed part of and shaped the concept of this work.” Erased Biographies is one of 51 works selected as finalists in the 2021 Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award. Printed by Definitive.

Artist Judith Martinez Estrada

Judith Martinez Estrada is one of 51 finalists selected for the 2021 Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award.

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Judith Martinez Estrada

Product Information

  • Materials

    3mm solid copper laser cut, sandblasted, polished, patinated and printed digitally with UV inks on a flatbed printer

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