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Cat Demon

Yvonne Rees-Pagh
Japan has many legends of cat sorcery in which the cat-demon is described as a huge creature possessing the supernatural power to assume human form and bewitch people. Rees-Pagh has reinterpreted the image of the cat demon in Utagawa Kuniyoshi’s print The Old Story of the Okazaki Cat Demon in the Old Temple (1847) into her own work. “My print tells the story of the endangered Tasmanian Masked Owl, a shy and elusive bird whose survival is being threatened by habitat loss due to an ongoing program of deforestation and land clearing activities. I used the Cat Demon to symbolise a maleficent power such as the human greed that drives the destruction of many of Tasmania’s forest regions. Owls may appear an easy prey but they can easily attack and kill other birds and four legged animals with their strong talons and sharp beak.” Cat Demon is one of 51 works selected as finalists in the 2021 Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award.

This product is no longer available for purchase.

Artist Yvonne Rees-Pagh

Yvonne Rees-Pagh is one of 51 finalists selected for the 2021 Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award.

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Yvonne Rees-Pagh

Product Information

  • Materials

    Woodblock and screenprint

  • Size

    161cm h x 121cm w

  • Made


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