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Bush Medicine & Smoking Ceremony

Serena Pinday


  • Year


  • Medium

    Natural Ochre (locally sourced from Gija Country) on Canvas

  • Size

    90 x 90cm

"These are the bush plants that we use for cold sick, sores and for welcoming people in our Gija land. We collect them out in bush. THALNGARR- (Snappy Gum), BILIRN- (River Gum), MABOORA- (Conkerberry) Then cut them to put it in a drum with water and boil it on a fire or stove. Then we wait till it cool down a bit, we than separate the juice from the leaves, we pour the juice in a tub and we bath in it. The bush medicine help brings out all the cold sick and it cleans out the sores and make it dry. We use THALNGARR (Snappy Gum) and BILIRN (River Gum) to Welcome people in our Gija Country for our smoking ceremony. We cut the THALNGARR (Snappy Gum) and BILIRN (River Gum) than put them in a pile with some dry leaves and burn them to make smoke, we tell all the people to walk around the smoke so we can rub them from their head to toe."

Exhibition Artist Serena Pinday

  • Born

    1982, Warmun

  • Lives & Works

    Warmun/ Turkey Creek, East Kimberley

I just started painting at the Warmun Art Centre. I have lived in Warmun since i was a baby. The reason why I really wanted to paint, because my Great Grandmother and my Grandmother shared their story with me and I want to continue their story with my children.

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