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5 Generations of Gija Women Skin Group (from my mother side)

Serena Pinday


  • Year


  • Medium

    Natural Ochre (locally sourced from Gija Country) on Canvas

  • Size

    90 x 90 cm

"From a mother’s womb, in the cycle of life. Our Gija Kinship system. Five generations of strong inspiring women from Gija country; teaching & learning about law & culture, painting country, sharing dreamtime stories, passing on knowledge of our bush medicine, bush tucker & also about massacres. Nyuwurru - My Great Grandmother Nangari - My Grandmother Nangala - My Mum Nyajarri Me & then the cycle begins again the next generation goes back my great grandmother skin name."

Exhibition Artist Serena Pinday

  • Born

    1982, Warmun

  • Lives & Works

    Warmun/ Turkey Creek, East Kimberley

I just started painting at the Warmun Art Centre. I have lived in Warmun since i was a baby. The reason why I really wanted to paint, because my Great Grandmother and my Grandmother shared their story with me and I want to continue their story with my children.

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