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2023 Revealed Exhibition: New and Emerging WA Aboriginal Artists

Valerie Woods

Art centre



Lives and works


I have been interested in art all my life. Growing up my main influences were my Grandmother Florrie Colbung and Grannie Bella Kelly and most importantly my brother Ralph Woods-Winmar. They were all great teachers, each told a story which captured my koort (heart) into self-reflection on my own path into telling my story through my artwork. For a long time, my artwork has been consisting of landscapes and portraits and now I’ve been experimenting with other styles and all my artwork is done with acrylics. “My first time learning the technique of resin and adding colours to blend in. I used a torch to make it pop out then the natural beauty of the flow came through… It’s like, the natural beauty of land and water -the tapestry art of the land when looking from up in the sky. When you look at it, you have peace on the inside.”

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