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Protected: 46th Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award

Taylor Gollan

Art centre

Lives and works


My artwork delves into the intricacies of identity through the symbolic representation of pigeons. It serves as a personal exploration of my family heritage, encompassing both my Aboriginal lineage from my mother’s side and my European Australian ancestry from my father’s side.

The artwork highlights the societal tendency in Australia to perceive individuals as uniform, despite the presence of diverse heritage and ethnic backgrounds. While some of us may possess complex ancestries but outwardly appear “white passing,” others defy stereotypes by embodying the ethnicities ascribed to them. Within my work, I employ European pigeons and Crested Australian pigeons as symbolic motifs, allowing me to navigate the nuanced and conflicting emotions tied to my heritage and self-identity.

To effectively communicate these sentiments to the audience, I rely on visual imagery and motifs as they offer a profound connection to my emotional journey. The deliberate use of black and grey tones cultivates a sense of unity among the pigeons, simultaneously erasing their distinctions and rendering them indistinguishable. This intentional blurring of boundaries underscores the message that our shared humanity eclipses surface-level differences. My artwork is the culmination of a printmaking technique known as metal etching. By employing acid and a bitumen resist, I meticulously construct tonal layers that I subsequently ink and roll through a press onto damp paper, resulting in a meticulously detailed and tonally rich print. This intricate process allows me to imbue my work with a tactile and visceral quality, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the layers of meaning embedded within each

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