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Stewart Scambler

As a ceramic artist, Stewart Scambler is conscious of the amount of energy he consumes. Stewart believes creative expression and experimentation is possible to do sustainably. All of his firing is carried out in his wood-fired Anagama kiln on his York property and, in an attempt to counteract his emissions, he is committed to using clay from the local area and growing trees to replace the wood burnt during the firing process.

“I am pursuing notions of stillness within the land and believe that, as the land has been formed within the absolute restraints of physics and chemistry, the resultant outcome gives the impression of randomness.”

Wood firing allows Stewart control over many variables: clay selection, form, placement within the kiln & wood. The flame however moves within the kiln creating an uncontrolled surface pattern on the work through the carbon and ash settling on the clay.

For Stewart, there is something elegant about using materials found in nature and using fire to alter their state. Stewart says “The uncontrollable elements result in a work that transcends what I am capable of as an individual.”

Images courtesy of Stewart Scambler

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Open 9am–5pm, 7 days


1 Finnerty Street
Western Australia