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2022 Revealed Exhibition: New and Emerging WA Aboriginal Artists

Sophia Alone


Port Hedland

Lives and works

South Hedland

A proud Ngarla woman from the De-Grey area in the northwest of Western Australia, Sophia’s paintings are vivid depictions of her family, her ancestors — the Makanykarra People — and her upbringing in Port Hedland. According to Sophia, “People who are present and who have left us are well known [to] our people [and are] special in my heart and if I could, I would love to give a glimpse [of that].” Employing a rich colour palette and an expressive, gestural style, Sophia’s paintings are often portraits of her Elders, including Aunty Lena, a Kariyarra Elder and fellow Spinifex Hill artist.  

visit FOUND at Fremantle Arts Centre

Open 9am–5pm, 7 days


1 Finnerty Street
Western Australia