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2022 Revealed Exhibition: New and Emerging WA Aboriginal Artists

Marie Cecilia Manado


Yawuru Country | Broome

Lives and works

Yawuru Country | Broome

Marie is a Yawuru-Nimunburr-Jabir-jabir woman. She has a great understanding of her people’s Country, particularly bush foods and plants that provide sustenance and medicines. The eucalyptus trees are an important plant for Aboriginal people; the leaves can be brewed in water to treat ‘cold-sick’ and rubbed into the skin as a disinfectant. Traditionally, the bark from some of the species was burnt down and the grey ash used as a type of chewing tobacco. She also reveres the artesian water systems that lie beneath her Country. This water source is vital in providing water to all elements of the landscape, keeping Country sustained and vibrant. 

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