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2023 Revealed Exhibition: New and Emerging WA Aboriginal Artists

Leah Umbagai


1974, Derby

Lives and works

Mowanjum community

Leah’s paintings reflect her relationships, clan, Country and her dreaming. “I dream when I am in my Country,” she says. “In my dreams, my grandfather and grandmother give me a song or dance, but I say “no I want to paint.” I believe the spirits show you things through dreams. I often dream what I paint.” Leah’s totem is the freshwater barramundi. Leah explains, “It belongs to the story about Ungud (the snake). In traditional storytelling, ungud is given to the father or grandfather through dreams or as a living animal to the parent. When the child dies the spirit returns to the animal. What is taken by the earth is given back.” Leah combines her two cultures through an amalgamation of techniques, including painting with ochre on canvas, slate or bark.

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Open 9am–5pm, 7 days


1 Finnerty Street
Western Australia