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Kirsten Shenton-Smith

Kirsten is a ballpoint pen artist from the Wheat belt in Western Australia. After several years spent residing in Hobart, Tasmania, Kirsten has recently relocated to WA and now lives and works in East Fremantle. Kirsten is inspired by the light, shapes and shadows in everyday life and draws people, places and household objects giving her audience a glimpse of life from a different point of view. Drawing from life and photos taken on travels, Kirsten has transitioned in the last few years from working in pencil and charcoal to using ball point pen. The exploration and challenge of a new medium has taken Kirsten’s inspiration to a new level and her work is now predominantly in blue ball point pen. After recently launching “Her Ballpoint of View” in South Fremantle, Kirsten is now working on a new series of drawings for upcoming exhibitions and taking commissions for private work.

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Images courtesy of Kirsten Shenton-Smith. 

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1 Finnerty Street
Western Australia