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Jan Zeck

Based in the Swan Valley, Jan Zeck is a multidisciplinary designer and artist who produces a distinctive and beautiful range of affordable pewter jewellery under the Swan Valley Studios label. Each design is based on native flora from Western Australia and makes a uniquely local gift.

On a visit to Cornwall in 1995, Jan purchased a pewter brooch decorated with a Celtic knot. She was awestruck that these Celtic motifs and patterns, nearly three thousand years after conception, could still find a market and be just as appealing as when first made. With her imagination fired up, Jan dreamed of creating a range of designs, cast in pewter, which would have an enduring appeal.

The designs created for her brooches are an attempt to develop an Australian idiom. Her hope is that these motifs will, in time, contribute to the body of work being generated by contemporary Australian artists that will be used to define our culture.

Detailing of the brooches is immaculate and achieved by working with a local manufacturer to expertly cast the pewter. The result is an exquisitely rendered product, light yet robust.

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Studio image courtesy of Jan Zeck

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1 Finnerty Street
Western Australia