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Belen Berganza

Born on the north-coast of Spain, Belen Berganza is an accomplished ceramicist who now lives and works in Western Australia. Belen studied Ceramics at the School of Arts Francisco Alcántara, in Madrid. This enabled her to combine her love for art with the formal training necessary to develop a range of high quality ceramic products.

Each of Belen’s designs start with a master, carved using very fine tools, into raw clay. From the master, a plaster mould is produced into which more clay can be hand-pressed and cast. The cast piece is then smoothed around the edges before being glazed. The pieces are fired at high temperatures in a kiln. During this process a variety of reactions take place culminating in a piece that is not only strong but also resistant to staining and water.

For her jewellery pieces, Belen uses specially selected porcelain known for its vivid whiteness, and glazes that she has developed to suit her work. After these pieces come out of the kiln they are set in sterling silver, frame as a piece of wearable art.

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Images courtesy of Belen Berganza

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