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Arif Satar

Born Island of Mozambique, Mozambique
Lives and works Fremantle, Western Australia
Languages: Guzurati / Portuguese

Arif Satar first encountered ceramics at a very young age in the majestic minaret of the mosque opposite to the family home in the Island of Mozambique. In his grandfather’s house there were richly decorated shiny tiles and vessels from a time that was only a memory then. His parents had a little shopfront selling missangas (ceramic beads), capulana cloth and an array on items. Arif moved from country to country, studying in Mozambique,  Portugal and Australia. In 1996 he completed a Science degree at Murdoch University, Perth. His fascination with ceramics continued and led to further studies and exploration of materials, methods and contexts. This ephemeral state of trans-national belonging is reflected in his art practice where a multiplicity of mediums are reconfigured dependently – to form a body of work that encompasses sculpture, the moving image, sound and text.

Arif has collaborated with Audrey in numerous gallery exhibitions, community and public art projects and artists residencies. They have undertaken art projects in Australia, Mozambique, Portugal, India, United Kingdom, Malaysia and Finland.

Photo: Christophe Canato

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