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Annemieke Mulders

Annemieke Mulders studied and worked in science while taking evening classes in art. She studied sculpture with Cor Dam in the Netherlands for almost ten years. Since moving to Australia she has attended various painting classes as well as pottery and ceramics classes.

Annemieke is driven by a need to understand things that puzzle her. What once motivated her scientific research now motivates her ceramic art practice. Through her ceramics she aims to explore the tension between order and chaos, ultimately finding harmony and balance.

The organic shapes of her functional wares are achieved by creating symmetrical shapes in clay and then distorting them in a controlled manner. She finds the shapes that emerge fascinating and often develops them further by carving into the surface, adding clay or combining forms to create something completely unique. Using a soft yet striking palette inspired by the Australian coastal and outback landscapes the layered glazes interact with the carved surfaces to resemble an abstract painting.

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Images courtesy of Annemieke Mulders

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1 Finnerty Street
Western Australia